Who We Are

GrandeConnections is a company  helping Businesses who want to Stay Connected with their clients.  Every program is designed and customized to show gratitude and appreciation to YOUR valued clients.  Retaining your clients is equally important as it is to attract and secure new clients.  Our corporate background and proven results can assist you in getting in front of those prospects that have been challenging to meet one-on-one.

Donna Grande
Donna Grande

Selling is tough!  I have held various sales positions within small to international companies whereby, I was responsible for sales on local, regional, national and international levels! I have helped small business owners grow their business as well as, trained and managed professional sales people for over 20 years for various companies.  

There are many, many books, audio tapes and videos on how to sell, but the best salesperson knows the key to selling is…. Wait for it… wait for it…..  The best way to sell, is NOT TO SELL!  I know, pretty profound statement to make, right?

Think about yourself and how you buy a product or service?  You want information, but you do not want to be SOLD! You find out about the company, check them on the internet and read reviews…. But you buy from the person whom you liked, trusted, felt a connection and built a business relationship – human emotions trigger our buying patterns!

So why not start building a relationship with your potential clients?  My philosophy and success in both my personal and business life has been attributed to building and maintaining strong relationships. Sending a heartfelt message, showing gratitude, expressing kindness, congratulating someone for a new job or promotion, buying a baby gift, wedding gift.  Sometimes sending a “pick you up card” or doing a random act of kindness by sending a gift card.

Would you be more receptive to receiving a card, gift or heartfelt message from someone as opposed to 100 phone calls or emails about a product or service?  GrandeConnections will help you create those human emotions and help you stay connected with your current clients in addition to adding potential clients through the relationship marketing system!

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